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PAWS and PAWS-MED - target groups of the course

The PAWS course is mainly aimed at foresters. Knowledge in the field of forestry is rather a prerequisite of attending the course than a topic of the course. However, some general elements and topics might also be interesting for other target groups and the PAWS project would like to encourage this interest. For such participants, it is therefore recommended to participate in a course in forestry (like it is possible in Austria) prior to the PAWS course

The main target groups are:

  1. foresters
  2. multipliers
  3. students and teachers of forestry schools (forestry secondary school, high school or university

The course is not made, but might be also useful for:

  1. forest owners who are experienced in forest management
  2. hunters
  3. other groups, for example conservationists, general public interested in environmental issues, or teachers who have some knowledge in the field of forestry

target groups for pedagogic work in the forest

The following target groups were identified in the needs analysis:

  1. children of the age 3-7
  2. children of the age 8-12
  3. teenagers
  4. adults
  5. people with special needs
  6. seniors
  7. families
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