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PAWS-MED - main aims and objectives

  1. The Mediterranean countries represented by the partnership have accomplished a common concept of forest pedagogic and a common base of training methods, activities and materials for training foresters.
  2. The institutions of the Mediterranean partners have organised and carried out PAWS courses for their foresters.
  3. The institutions of the Mediterranean partners have implemented PAWS for Mediterranean Forests in their curriculum, either as a whole new system or as an addition to existing training.

PAWS - aims of the PAWS course

The three basic aims of the PAWS course are

  1. to increase the competence of foresters in the area of holistic pedagogics, psychology and communication skills
  2. to enable foresters to improve the quality of their teaching
  3. to teach foresters how to plan and prepare pedagogically appropiate and efficient tours or seminars for individual target groups

During this project

  1. test groups of forestry staff from the partner countries Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Finland are to be trained

For the future, based on the evaluated and refined course concept, the partners intend

  1. to create a quality group of trainers (=foresters) in the area of pedagogic work in the forest in each partner country
  2. to create a European model for a course in pedagogic work in the forest that is acknowledged in each participating country
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